Domestic Products & Agriculture

Quality you can taste

As farmers and restaurateurs, we are deeply connected to our homeland and attach great importance to selected quality. Because love is known to go through the stomach, our cows only get the best hay and fresh spring water. You can see and enjoy these things with all our products which we produce for you with care and love. Since our company was founded, we have given our best to cook with high-quality, regional products. By combining agriculture and hospitality, we are able to offer many products from our own farm. This includes hay milk and the finest meat from the farm`s own beef, pork and lamb. We also smoke our bacon in our in-house smoke room and offer our guests the best quality. The dairy cows are only fed hay because we place great emphasis on natural foods. Our animals spend the summer on the “Harlassangeralm”, where they can enjoy their everyday life stress-free.

Products from our own agriculture

  • Bacon and juicy beef ham
  • Hay milk
  • Cheese from our own hay milk
  • Homemade farmhouse bread
  • Chopped up beef
  • Beef
  • Pork meat
  • Lamb meat
  • Trout from the “Obergaisberg lake”
  • And much more…